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I performed at my first Wedding back in 1985 . How I ever got through that night with a set of Twin deck turntables , a couples of flashing lights and about 70 singles and a few of LP’S I’ll never know but I did and I’m still playing at Weddings today.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s I played mainly as a club DJ but still managed to do a number of Weddings and numerous family orientated functions each year . I slowly started to ease back on the club work and take more and more bookings for Weddings and other functions as I really enjoyed playing a broad mixture of music , meeting different people and enjoying the craic.

So today I own and operate My Wedding DJ NI concentrating on providing Wedding Party Entertainment throughout Northern Ireland and into the border counties of the South.

My years of experience will ensure everything about your Wedding party will be just how you want it to be . My Set-up is designed to look fantastic in any room and this helps with creating a great atmosphere which continues throughout the evening .

Working closely with my clients I ensure that their entertainment is tailored to their specific requirements and strive to make every performance unique for them. Sound & Lighting systems are matched to guest numbers and venue size .

My Music selection is based on What you want for your evening , coupled with any guest requests and I then use my experience to ensure its all put together in the mix for your perfect party . Most of my work comes from recommendations and I believe this speaks for itself.

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