Crystal Rhinestones Non Hotfix - Replica Swarovski - Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality Crystal Non Hotfix Rhinestones Replica Swarovski Crystals


For sizing and pack quantity please see table below


They are loose crystal components with platinum foiling on the back (mirrored), which have a flat underside, they can be applied with glue (such Gem Tac glue) to different materials and very easy to glue onto virtually any material, available in a wide range of colours, shapes and size. These are perfect for adding that sparkle to fashion clothing and wedding dresses, mobile phones, nail art, greeting cards or other decorative items !


 Stone Size  Size in Diameter Facets         Packing Details  Net Weight
 ss3    1.3-1.4mm     6   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      5.3g
 ss4    1.5-1.7mm     6   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      6.5g
 ss5    1.7-1.9mm     6   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      7.2g
 ss6    1.9-2.1mm     8   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      10.2g
 ss8    2.3-2.5mm     8   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      14.5g
 ss10    2.7-2.9mm    10   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      20.6g
 ss12    3.0-3.2mm    10   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      29.5g
 ss16    3.8-4.0mm    12   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      47.9g
 ss20    4.8-5.0mm    14   1440pcs(10gross)/Bag      83.2g
 ss30    6.3-6.5mm    16   288pcs(2gross)/Bag      38.8g
 ss34    7.0-7.2mm    18   288pcs(2gross)/Bag      27.3g
 ss40    8.35-8.65mm     20   144pcs(1gross)/Bag      38.9g
 ss50    9.9-10.1mm     24   144pcs(1gross)/Bag      63.8g


 PS: Never use Super Glue or Hot Glue to set Rhinestones, it will change the colour of the foil backing, for nail art we recommend nail glue


 How to apply with glue: Place glue spots onto the fabric in whatever patterns you want. The glue spots must be smaller than the rhinestone you are using, the glue should just come around the rhinestone edge. You want to glue the rhinestone glass edge to the fabric, not just the back of the rhinestone.


Crystal Rhinestones Non Hotfix - Replica Swarovski - Excellent Quality